The Spa at
Cypress Bend

Take your rejuvenation and relaxation to an entirely new level by treating yourself to a soothing spa service – or several. From calming massages to cleansing facials to invigorating body treatments, our services are designed to pamper. At The Spa at Cypress Bend, you can count on being served by the most exceptional spa professionals in the Louisiana area.

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Massage Therapy

Whooptie-Dew Bubbling Massage

This isn’t your grandmother’s massage. This bubbling Swedish massage including steamed towel infused with green tea extracts, Soothing essential chamomile oil and whipped shea butter, leaving notes of white velvet buttercream behind and creating sense of wellbeing. Calming and delicious!
70 minutes ………. $140


Honeybee & Berries

Perfect for relaxation reducing stress, easing pain and improving circulation. Vitamin C-enriched Honey and Quinsyberry Botanical Oil leave skin radiant and glistening with soft, fragrant notes of apple blossom and pear.

Swedish Massage
50 minutes ………. $120
80 minutes ………. $165

Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes ………. $165
80 minutes ………. $185


Honey-Magnolia Milk

Deep Tissue or Swedish body milk massage that leaves notes of magnolia flowers, cream and hints of honey. Perfect for reducing stress, relieving tension, easing pain and improving circulation. With smooth relaxing or deep penetrating strokes you’ll feel whisper-light, and glisten with radiant, fresh skin.

Swedish Massage
50 minutes ………. $120
80 minutes ………. $165

Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes ………. $165
80 minutes ………. $185


Peat Purity Holistic Massage

This ritual massage is complete with a therapeutic Agave Nectar Oil. Through slower strokes and hot stones will melt away any aches and chronic tension down to your toes.

50 minutes ………. $195
80 minutes ………. $265


Romancing the Stone (Couples Massage)

The perfect date night is a cocoon of relaxation that begins with a steaming Lemongrass Ocean herb, oil and salt- infused wrap on hands and feet, Then, enjoy a full body organic sunflower oil and blue agave extract massage using hot stones that leave behind a soft kiss of coconut milk and red berries.

50 minutes ………. $260
80 minutes ………. $370


Customized Body Work

Therapeutic, restorative massage that incorporates stretching, range of motion, and area-specific strokes. Combo Swedish and deep tissue.

50 minutes ………. $125


Sports Massage

This massage can reduce recovery time for injured muscles and help reduce the chance of future injury.

50 minutes ………. $100



Reflexology works on the principle that all body organs are connected to reflex points in the feet. Manipulation of these points restore the natural flow of body energy.

25 minutes ………. $55


Facial Treatments

New Dew Healthy Skin Probiotic Facial

Customized for any skin care needs a sunflower seed oil pre-cleanser and green tea milk wash whisks away any impurities. Organic coconut milk mask vitamins and healthy probiotics treatments will leave your face dewy and gorgeous. Softness and moisture is now locked in.

50 minutes ………. $110


Botanical Healing & Energizing Facial

For the most sensitive skin! Indulge in a variety of nutrients that sows the seed for superbly soft skin. Refine your pores with steamed towels and skin calming antioxidant treatments. Comforting your complexion and now prepped for perfection.

50 minutes ………. $115


Power Pudding – Age Renew Facial

This powerful age renewing antioxidant Facial that tingles away dry patches, revealing refreshed skin.! Firming helps soften your deepest wrinkles. Gorgeous complexion peptide-enhanced moisturizer and Crow Catcher Eye Serum smooth the finest of crow’s feet. Truly ageless transformation!

60 minutes ………. $115


Green Tea Probiotic Clarifying Facial

Jump-start acne clearing with blue agave leaf extract, certified organic race extract and probiotics. Buffed to pristine condition skin is radiantly soft, calmed and composed. Getting gorgeous skin has never been so purely delicious!

60 minutes ………. $125


Silky Satin Spooktacular Facial

Gentle green tea and milk cleanser removes dirt and oil from the skin, followed by a whipped shea butter and sugar micro-scrub to gently polish and refine. Velvety smooth, cooling active yogurt mask tingles, as pores are deep cleaned, tightened, and nourished with raw honey and oats. While enjoying you 20 min upper body massage, a rich botanical milk and clinical peptide cream begins softening the look of deep wrinkles, providing a flawlessly hydrated result!

75 minutes ………. $130


Body Pampering

Whooptie-Dew Bubbling Mask

A delightful renewal you’ve ever experienced! We envelop your skin in a frothy, bubbling mask that provides active relief from sensitive irritated skin. Soothing chamomile and green tea extracts plus a pH-balanced hydration.

50 minutes ………. $125


Honeybee & Berries Wrap

Our most decadent fine-grain sea salt and rice bran oil exfoliation that smooth’s rough skin. Next, a warm honey serum with live papaya fruit cells cocoons the skin, infusing deep hydration.

50 minutes ………. $150


Honey Hibiscus Recovery Wrap

Indulge in nourishment with this luxurious natural honey-lavender sea salt scrub, rich in vitamin E. A luxe fresh honey and papaya glaze application provides deep hydration when wrapped with steaming lavender oil infused towels. With Hello Yellow shea butter and natural oils, intense softness will be in full bloom.

60 minutes ………. $135


Honey-Magnolia Milk Body Polish

Steaming grapeseed, olive and orange peel oil-infused towels nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. You’re whipped into softness with a shea butter micro sugar polish. You’ll feel whisper-light, and radiant, with our body milk moisturizer.

60 minutes ………. $115


Peat Purity Ritual Detoxifying Wrap

Warm Nectar Milk Soak infused with skin-calming chicory root and sweet almond oil soften the skin. We purify and exfoliate with fine grain volcanic pumice that pull bacteria and toxins from the surface of skin — leaving pores refined and tightened. Your wrapped in nutrient-rich vegetative peat mud, flush with organic bio nutrients from plants and minerals. Skin is calmed, and irritations vanish.

75 minutes ………. $155


Hands & Feet Micro Polish

Hand or feet fine polish with blushing agave oil. Then covered with probiotic milk mask and wrapped with steamed towels. To finish with a honey-butter glaze moisturizer.

10/15 minutes

Hands ………………… $25
Feet ……………………. $35
Hands & Feet ……… $55


Spa Packages

Signature Getaway

Relaxing time away includes Honeybee & Berries Massage and New Dew Healthy Skin Probiotic Facial.

2 Hours ………. $225


Down Time

Honey-Magnolia Milk Body Polish, Honey-Magnolia Milk Massage, Green Tea & Probiotic Milk Clarifying Facial.

3 Hours ………. $325


Cypress Signature

Reduce stress with a Honeybee & Berries  Massage Honeybee & Berries Signature Wrap, Silky Satin  Spooktacular Facial

3.25 Hours ………. $355


NOTE: Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. A 22% service charge will be added to all spa services.

The Spa at Cypress Bend Hours and Cancellation

All spa services are available by appointment only. To schedule, call 318-256-1006.

A credit card is required to reserve your appointment. As a courtesy to our therapist and clients, we require a 24 hour notice to change or cancel your appointment. If you call within 24 hours, or do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged the full fee for scheduled services.